about us

Imagine if meditation was a regular part of everyday life in mainstream society – just think how different the world would be. If every person was able to slow down, connect with their inner consciousness and find balance, it’s likely feelings of negativity and aggression would disappear. Meditation is a powerful tool: a method of paying attention and cultivating awareness; and by harnessing even the most basic techniques, people from all walks of life can benefit.

Meditation is not about being ‘spaced out’. Our goal is to demonstrate – with ease and skill – how it can unlock the well of happiness and joy within us all. It is often taught as a form of relaxation, to calm our minds and reduce stress levels. These are beneficial by-products of meditation, but as a consequence of modern life, very few people have the time to re-charge their batteries at a deep, more meaningful level. This leads to restlessness, negative energy in the body and ultimately disharmony in society.

our solutions

With a core message of ‘peace in the community’, Unplugged Space is a new meditation movement for the general public, using accessible guidance tools and techniques at mass meditation events.

All our facilitators are qualified teachers who are able to lead large audiences in experiencing the positive benefits of meditation.

Partnering with notable venues, Unplugged Space holds events at convenient locations. The launch was held in the Old Market Square, Nottingham in May 2017, which attracted 600 participants.